Charleston, West Virginia


This page is dedicated to the fifteen members of the Charleston Fire Department who made the ultimate sacrifice. Those men who have lost their lives in the line of duty while protecting the lives and property of the citizens of Charleston.

Line of Duty Deaths

  • William M. Cabell, March 7, 1906, While responding to a fire, a street car hit the steamer and horses
  • Jack Foley, November 9, 1907, Ruffner Brothers Fire
  • Joe Whitaker, February 21,1912, Electric Shock
  • Oscar Thaxton, March 24, 1922, Died from injuries from the Capital Fire in 1921
  • T. Frank Sharp, March 4, 1949, Woolworth Fire
  • Emery C. Pauley, March 4, 1949, Woolworth Fire
  • Frank N. Miller, March 4, 1949, Woolworth Fire
  • Fred C. Summers, March 4, 1949, Woolworth Fire
  • J.P. Little, March 4, 1949, Woolworth Fire
  • George A. Coates, March 4, 1949, Woolworth Fire
  • Richard L. McCormick, March 4, 1949, Woolworth Fire
  • John Thompson, April 13, 1968, Wertz Avenue Brush Fire
  • J. Claude Saunders, October 18,1971, Responded to a fire and died of a heart attack
  • John M. Lane, July 3, 1978, Fell through a sky light that was painted over at New Way Cleaners
  • Bill Pauley, August 27, 1980, Died from a heart attack while on-duty at Station #1

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  • Mission Statement

    It is the mission of the Charleston Fire Department to provide maximum protection of life and property through the prevention and extinguishment of fires, provision of Emergency Medical Services, Hazardous Material response and Mitigation, Rescue, and performance of any other services to the citizens of Charleston that may be required to ensure a safe community.

    The Fire Department will attain this goal through preparation and training, dedication, public education, and a constant focus toward the end result — a safe City of Charleston.

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