Firehouse Reports for Shift Training

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Firehouse Reports for Shift Training

By: Ryan on Mar-01-21

Training Date:

Each time a company completes on duty training it needs to be added into firehouse to receive credit for the training.  Attached you will find a short training video that will walk you through the process of logging the training 

Key points:

  • Assign the proper category of training by type  ( ex: fire suppression/rookie job skills tasks)
  • Choose the proper date and location that the training occurred 
  • Use the proper person conducting the training (In house, training officer, etc)
  • Add all the members who attended the training 
  • Complete the ISO additional form 
  • Save and complete 

The on company training is a KEY point within the scope of skills application and improvement.  Equally important is the need to log each time this training has taken place in order to total up the hours toward meeting the required number of firefighter training each year. 

Here is a link to the video

Please make sure to fill out the roster below for class credit  

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