Restaurant Fire Safety Requirements

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By: Brandon on Dec-18-20

Restaurant Checklist

Fire Suppression Hood System

 Inspect & service extinguishing system every 6 mos. Article: 1:

 Clean hood and duct every 3 mos.


·         Provide 36” clearance around electrical panels.

·         Extension cords can’t be used as permanent wiring.

Emergency Lighting

·         Emergency lighting, Provide/Repair. Article: 1:14.13

Exiting Requirements

·         Remove obstructions and storage from exit ways. Article: 1:14.4.1

·         Exit doors shall not be locked while occupied. Article: 1:

·         Exit signs shall be illuminated and maintained. Article 1:


·         Provide portable fire extinguishers. Article: 1:13.6.2

·         Provide annual inspection for fire extinguishers.

·         Mount Fire Extinguisher 6-60” above floor. Article: 10

Fire Alarm

·         Provide required test for Fire alarm, Annually 1:

Sprinkler Requirements

·         Provide required test for Sprinkler System. Article: 1:10.13.2

·         Notification when fire protection out of service. Article: 1:13.1.8

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